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New Look and Recommendation
March 20, 2007, 11:31 am
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Welcome to the New Look! It does seem a bit somber, perhaps, but at least it is a bit more practical. What do you think? The previous look was more esthetic, but more limited.

Now, since I consider myself a global citizen generally and since I seek to learn about all aspects of the region I’m now living in, I have started reading a very interesting book, which I highly recommend to those of you who read French, or, it seems that the same author does have a few works translated into English:

L’Islam Chi’ite, croyances et ideologies by Yann Richard

It is so important to understand the ideas and beliefs behind the headlines we see and hear each day, and, now that I am actually living in a region where divergences within Islam make a difference, I feel it is my duty to be fully “up to speed” on the foundations. Richard’s book is going to help me a lot in this respect!