Nobody Walks in Kuwait

A Rare Sighting in Kuwait
May 2, 2007, 9:31 am
Filed under: Life in Kuwait

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spotting quite a rare specimen on the dusty streets of Kuwait…I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw…

A white, European-looking woman WALKING on the “sidewalk” in the hot sun ACTUALLY CARRYING GROCERY BAGS!! :O

I almost stopped her to announce my solidarity and share my joy in finding that, though we may be an endangered species, a few of us DO exist...the Few, the Proud, the Non-Servant-Dependent!!  (OK, my apologies to the U.S. Marines for my terrible plundering of that slogan!)

I have to say, this sighting did give me some hope! ;P

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No worries…you’re not so alone. I actually dedicated an entire blog to the “staring” that I normally get when my husband and I go out. I’m always a little bit startled to see other white westernized woman in Kuwait.

Comment by hope578

Thanks for the words of solidarity! 🙂

Comment by allegrasworld

I think we were the only white family in Rumaithiya! I used to get looked at like I was an alien when I went into the Co-Op there! When we first arrived (about 6 years ago now)I felt people were very hostile so I went to the Sultan Centre instead – hang the expense! Seemed to get better in the last couple of years though.

I like the title of your blog. We have moved now to Geneva and don’t have a car so one of my great pleasures is going out of my front door and walking!! No stares and a pavement! The downside is after years of driving everywhere, I developed tendinitis in my foot from the sudden change in exercise – what luck!

BTW, I would definitely not go on the buses. There seem to be unwritten rules about these things (although I did once see my son’s teacher at a bus stop!) and I would expect that people would assume you were down on your luck or crazy or worse – I’m not sure, but there seems to be an expectation of certain nationalities to do or not do certain things (like walking from the supermarket!). Strange but true!

Comment by Felicity

Oh forgot to say, I’m a non-servant dependent too, always have and always will be!

Comment by Felicity

Been in kuwait for 6 years now (canadian white) and learn and see something new everyday. For the first couple of years I actually walked to the store and carried many bags of groceries home to men honking and yelling many absurd things and have since taken to driving to the store and slipping into the car as fast as possible while other drivers honk to take my parking spot (hoping that this will make me load my groceries into the car faster – NOT!). Not sure which way was more aggravating! It seems to have gotten worse here over the years which i account to the fact that these children are now growing up and becoming young adults that have no accountability for their actions and have been doted on and spoiled beyond normal reality.

Comment by kim

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