Nobody Walks in Kuwait

Monkeying Around in Arabic
April 24, 2007, 9:50 am
Filed under: Life in Kuwait

Two items today…

  1. Pampered Pets: The other night, my husband and I were out enjoying the evening breeze on the waterfront, when we saw something we are definitely not used to…at first, I thought I saw two teenage guys walking a very small dog on a leash, but, when I looked again, it was no dog…it was a MONKEY! Maybe it was the fact that it was sort of walking on two legs and one “hand”…:P Anyhow, I have to say that I don’t really understand “walking” a monkey, much less keeping one as a pet (unless you’re Michael Jackson). I suppose I’m culturally conditioned to believe that monkeys belong in a natural habitat such as a rainforest or something…Aren’t they better off there? Or maybe they’ve gotten used to free food and air conditioning?? This is actually not the first time I hear of monkeys in Kuwait…perhaps someone can explain this phenomenon to me, because I’m perplexed…?
  2. Ata Allam Al-Arabiya: Yes, I’m officially undertaking the study of Arabic, that venerable language of algebra (aaargh!), coffee and other such delights. So, I’m currently struggling with pronouncing new, strange sounds like HHHA (like cleaning your glasses, as our teacher says) and KHKHKH (like speaking Dutch šŸ˜‰ Not easy, and very amusing for my husband, I’m sure – just try walking around the house all the time saying, “HHHHA! KHKHKHA! HHHHA!” I think I’m going to lose my voice…but I will prevail!

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It may be they chose a monkey as against a dog, because in Islam the dog I believe is considered “dirty” or “Haram” and after touching one a Muslim must wash their hands (I think) seven times to cleanse them…

Comment by S

Yes the dog is considered unclean. Good luck with the Arabic lessons, I am sure you will pick it up.

Comment by Candis

heyyi m looking fr an arabic class, can you pls give me some details.

Comment by dilli

Dogs may be considered unclean as indoor house pets for Muslims but there are many Kuwaitis who keep dogs as pets without any qualms about it. Some are kept on desert ranches as guard dogs as well.

It is unfortunate that monkeys are still sold in places like the Animal market as pets. They not only carry diseases but also must be well-looked after like any other pet.

Comment by jewaira

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