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Suicide bombers strike Casablanca –
April 14, 2007, 3:49 pm
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Suicide bombers strike Casablanca –

These recent bombings in Morocco and Algeria are really affecting me, because my husband is Algerian, but, beyond that as well…I feel a great sadness, first for the victims of these acts, of course, but also for the  young men (and even some women) who feel that this is the best solution for the incredible problems they face.  This last aspect is a major tragedy of international magnitude which, I very strongly feel, is not being adequately addressed by the leadership of many countries.

Poverty, massive unemployment, inadequate infrastructure, great income disparities and other factors lead to such a feeling of hopelessness amongst youth that increasing numbers of them are turning to a life of extremes – crime or religious fundamentalism in its most distorted version.  The BOTTOM LINE is this:

Until the leadership of countries such as Algeria and Morocco make courageous decisions to push forward solutions to these issues, such attacks will continue.  This is, of course, not easy due to vested interests in power centers against major change, but, after all, what is the meaning of the word “leadership”?!  For the future of the Maghreb, let us hope that there are some true leaders out there!

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